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Abundant Life Worship

Welcome to our Worship page! We are excited that you are visiting us here. Our worship offers a wide variety of musical influence - from hymns to Hillsong; Chris Tomlin to Bethel; and International House of Prayer (IHoP) to old choruses that still ring true today. It is our pleasure to be able to blend the old with the new and offer it to our congregation every Sunday morning. 


Each member of our team has been called to their ministry. They each are humbled to worship with their instruments - whether that is strumming a guitar, or plucking a bass, or hitting the drums. Our team varies each week which means that there is always a diversity of sound. 


In addition to our worship,  there are times where we also have individuals who minister in special music and songs ministered in sign language. Around the holidays, our team is sure to offer a celebration of the season through music and drama.


Of course, none of our sound would be possible without our media team! They are dedicated to providing the best audio and visual experience to our congregation. They work tirelesly to bring a blended sound and a creative perspective. 


Our prayer is that you would allow the Father to bless you as you join us in worship. We pray that your experience in worship brings you further in your walk with Christ, and allows you to be drawn deeper into relationship with Him. We want you to be able to see His heart for you and connect with His will for you - and we believe that worship is the door that opens up these possibilities. 

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